A Complete Guide To Tree Trimming And Pruning

There is quite a bit to learn when it comes to your plant and tree species.

You might think, are these dormant trees? Are these dying trees? Are these broken branches a sign of something more?

If you are looking at taking care of your fruit trees, excessively dense bushes, flowering trees, or other general plant species, it is quite likely because it is critical.

Further, you appreciate your tree branches and know that dead branches should be removed. You know that overgrown branches can be a problem in more ways than one.

That is why you look into pruning trees and trimming trees.

Tree trimming and pruning are two words often used interchangeably. They both involve cutting down a part of the tree. Although they are often used to mean the same thing, there is a difference between trimming a tree and pruning it.

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tree trimming

What is tree trimming?

The best way to describe trimming is saying cutting down a part of the tree to either improve the growth and appearance, protect your property, or for any other reason best known to you.

As trees keep growing and spreading their branches, a certain branch in the tree might become a concern to you or pose a threat to your property. It is important to cut down that branch to prevent the intended danger when this happens.

Types of equipment used for trimming

The equipment needed for trimming a tree depends on the size of the tree to be trimmed. They include:

  • Manual branch spears or loopers
  • Chainsaw
  • Cutlass
  • Pole pruners
  • Secateurs

What is pruning?

Pruning is similar to trimming. When a tree is pruned, certain dead or diseased branches that can be a danger to the tree are cut off. The aim of pruning a tree is to improve its overall health and enhance its growth.

Pruning is only done when the need arises, which can sometimes take 3 years.

tree pruning

Types of equipment used for pruning

Depending on the pruning task to be done, the common pruning equipment is:

  • Handheld clippers
  • Long handle loppers
  • Handheld shear
  • chainsaw

Differences between trimming and pruning

The major difference between trimming and pruning is the aim of doing it. While trimming aims to protect human beings that use the tree or their property and improve the appearance of the tree, pruning aims to improve the plant’s general health.

Another difference between these two terms is that while you only prune when you see a dead or diseased branch on a tree which might not happen in 2 years, you can trim a tree more frequently when you see the need to.

Process of trimming or pruning a tree

Although trimming or pruning a tree looks easy, doing it wrongly will cause harm to your tree. Using the correct pruning procedure or consulting professionals to get it done reduces pruning mistakes.

Steps to pruning a tree

Understanding the tree’s structure – assess the tree closely and at a distance to know how and where to cut. When you cut some parts of the tree, it might damage other parts. So you have to be sure you are cutting at the right place.

Cut out branches inches away from the branch collar, not at the intersection between the branch and the trunk.

Cut the tree at a downfacing angle to prevent water from accumulating on the cut.

Pros of trimming or pruning a tree

Let us take a look at the value of tree care services for most trees.

Improves the plant’s health

What good would a dead branch be to the tree? If left, a diseased part of a plant will contaminate the other parts of the tree and eventually kill the tree. Pruning is like cutting a cancerous cell from the body to prevent it from spreading. When the diseased part is cut off, the plant will become free from diseases.

Protect your property

We have seen situations where a branch of a tree falls and destroys the roof of a building. This situation could have been prevented if the branch had been trimmed before it became a threat to the building. Early trimming of the tree reduces the stress of cutting when the plant is matured and takes care of a potential threat.

Manage the size of the tree

Sometimes, trees are planted because the landscaper wants to achieve a certain view. If the trees are not trimmed, they will outgrow their purpose. Trimming the tree helps to achieve the size or look that the planter intends to achieve. Trimming a tree helps you to manage the size of the tree.

Cons of trimming or pruning a tree

Although trimming or pruning are good practices that are encouraged by arborists, if it’s not properly done, it can give the tree a wound it might not recover from. And destroy the plant eventually.

When is the best time to trim/prune a tree?

The best time to remove a diseased branch that can spread to other parts of the tree or a torn branch hanging over your roof is immediate. However, most plants around mid to late winter allow the plant to flourish as soon as winter is over.

Some of the improper trimming and pruning practices are: overcutting the tree, pruning in the wrong season, and pruning wrongly. It is important to hire a professional to get the tree pruned or trimmed to avoid mistakes that can affect your tree negatively.

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