Safety First: How To Cut Down a Tree Near A House

Hazardous trees growing close to your home can damage your property. A storm can cause branches to damage your roof or tree roots can wreak havoc on your plumbing pipes. So, it’s sometimes best to cut trees down. However, cutting down a tree is a serious task that requires the proper equipment and extra care.  

Knowing how to cut down a tree near a house safely is essential. While such a task may seem nearly impossible to accomplish, there are some steps and tips that make the tree removal process more straightforward. 

This guide will explore how to cut down a tree near your home and when to call a tree service contractor in Southington, CT

The Tools You Will Need

You must have the right tools for the job. These include: 

  • Pruning shears (various sizes depending upon the branches that need cutting)
  • A chainsaw 
  • A handsaw
  • Safety equipment, including long pants, strong work gloves, eye protection, hearing protection, a hard hat, and steel-toed boots if you have them. Also, have a medical kit nearby, just in case. 
  • Equipment to climb the tree, including a ladder and rigging equipment like a harness.

How To Prepare Before Cutting the Tree

Implementing the correct safety precautions is necessary when learning how to cut down a tree near a house. 

Cutting down a tree of any size takes considerable effort, and falling tree branches can significantly damage your home or hurt you. Some safety precautions you should take include: 

  • Ensuring all your tools are working correctly before using them 
  • Only using new chains and cutting blades
  • Always wearing protective equipment
  • Always having at least one more person to help you and who can call 911 if necessary
  • Informing neighbors of your activity
  • Moving anything that could get damaged, like vehicles 

You will also want to create a well-thought-out plan. For example, determine which branches you need to cut and which way you want the tree to fall. Besides choosing a path far away from your home, select a direction you can quickly evade should a branch fall near you. 

Start With Cutting the Branches 

Once you and your assistant(s) are ready, start by removing the necessary branches. With your shears and harnessing equipment, climb your ladder and work on medium and small-sized limbs. 

After safely removing all the medium and small-sized branches, you can move on to the larger branches. It’s best to use a pulley system to lower these branches to the ground once you cut them. Be sure to take plenty of time, as a sizeable falling tree limb can cause much damage. 

You’ll also want to tie a rope around the top of your tree trunk to guide the tree as it falls. This acts as a fall line and will help guide the tree’s falling path. 

Cutting the Tree Itself 

Start by using your chainsaw and make a notched cut towards the direction where you need your tree to fall. Make an identical cut on the opposite side of the tree.

Then, using wedges on both sides, continue cutting in deeper, alternating sides until the tree drops. 

Calling a Tree Removal Service

You can also call an expert tree removal service to help remove any trees growing near your home. Avoid structural damage to your property and prevent a medical emergency by calling GM 2 Tree Services, LLC. 

Our family-owned and operated company brings over ten years of experience. We will remove any large trees from your property safely and effectively. 

Read this concise guide about clearing land and learn how to cut down a tree near a house by calling GM 2 Tree Services, LLC today at (203) 527-6237