Does Cutting Down Trees Increase Property Value in Bristol, CT?

You’ve probably heard that mature, healthy trees are attractive to potential buyers. Many sources state that the right trees can improve your home’s value by thousands of dollars. When considering cutting down a tree on your property, you may be of two minds.

Does cutting down trees increase property value, or is it only ever a net negative? GM 2 Tree Services, LLC, the most highly rated Bristol tree service, covers the details in this post.

does cutting down trees increase property value

Cutting Down Trees Across Your Landscape: A Good or Bad Idea?

There’s no cut-and-dry answer to this question. The impact of tree removal on property value depends on your circumstances. You can expect property value changes after tree removal for any of the following reasons:

Removing a Hazardous Tree

A diseased or dead tree near your house is a major safety risk and can be off-putting to potential buyers. Some may use the fact that you have a dead or diseased tree so close to your property to judge your approach to maintenance elsewhere.

So, in this scenario, cutting down the tree can help improve your property’s value.

Removing Overgrown Trees

Trees blocking sunlight completely, growing into utility lines, or overhanging the roof are unattractive to potential buyers. Cutting down such trees can boost your property’s value.

Removing a Tree in a Bad Location

Large trees with root systems too close to the foundation are a major red flag, even if a survey gives the property’s foundation the all-clear. No potential buyer wants to deal with foundation problems that may arise shortly after such a significant investment.

Similarly, most potential buyers won’t want to worry about removing a tree that takes up most of the usable backyard space or limits the front yard.

So, does cutting down trees increase property value in this case? Yes, it does. If the tree’s location is bad for landscape design or the property’s structural integrity, you’re better off removing it.

Removing Unattractive Tree Species

Some trees are widely regarded as unattractive here in Connecticut for various reasons.

For example, Norway maple grows too quickly, crowding out other trees. Its roots spread too far, damaging foundations and sewer lines. Tree of heaven grows too tall, up to 100 feet, while Callery pear doesn’t last long and is likely to split when mature, putting your property at risk.

Cutting down these trees can increase your property’s value.

Get Expert Guidance on the Relationship Between Tree Removal and Property Appraisal

Does cutting down trees increase property value? Not necessarily. The correct answer will typically vary from one property to another, which is why it helps to let the professionals have a look.

Do you want to learn more about the effect of tree removal on home resale prices and how cutting down trees affects property worth? Are you interested in how much tree removal costs?

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