7 Signs It’s Time to Cut Down a Tree

When is the right time to cut down a tree? This decision can be challenging, especially if the tree in question has sentimental value. If you’re having trouble making the call, watch out for these seven signs that it might be time to consider removal.cut down a tree

1.  The Tree Leans Too Much

Trees can lean for various reasons — some natural, like growing towards the sun, and others not so much, like damage from a storm. Call tree removal services immediately if your tree is leaning more than 15 degrees from vertical

2.  The Tree is Dead or Dying

It’s not always easy to tell a diseased tree from a healthy one. Unhealthy trees can sometimes hang on for years, but will eventually start to decompose and become a safety hazard.

For a quick and easy way to check, scratch the bark off a small section of the trunk. If the wood beneath looks brown or brittle, the tree is probably dead. Other signs include no new growth, discolored leaves, and fungi growing at the base of the trunk.

3.  The Tree Crowds Other Trees

Some tree species need more room to grow than others. If your tree is crowding other trees or plants in your yard, it could be stunting their growth or causing them to die.

It’s usually best to leave at least ten feet of space between smaller trees. You may have to cut down a tree if your yard looks too crowded.

4.  The Tree Sustained Heavy Damage

When a passing storm or another event severely damages your tree, it may not be able to recover. Watch out for large cracks, missing bark, and dead branches. If over 50% of the tree’s crown (the leaves and branches at the top) sustains damage, it’s probably a goner

5.  The Tree Attracts Pests

Trees are a haven for all sorts of animals, from squirrels and birds to rodents and bats. While some are harmless, others bring diseases that can harm your household.

Trees can also harbor invasive insects like termites, carpenter ants, and wood-boring beetles. After infesting a tree, these pests can spread to your property and cause expensive structural damage.

6.  The Tree Might Cause Damage

A hazardous tree is never worth keeping, even if it’s healthy and beautiful. One that’s too close to your home or other structures can eventually cause damage. Over time, roots can grow into foundations and pipes, and branches can scrape against siding and windows.

Sometimes, regular pruning can help mitigate the risk of damage while still allowing you to keep the tree. Contact an experienced tree removal company in Bristol, CT, to discover your options.

7.  The Tree Lowers Your Curb Appeal

Even when healthy, not all trees are aesthetically pleasing. If your tree is unsightly, it could be lowering your property value.

Some trees are simply too big for their location, and you need to remove or relocate them. Others damaged by storms or pests might never look the same. If you’re unsure whether to remove a tree, take some time to view it from different angles and compare it to others in your neighborhood.

Partner With Tree Experts Who Care

Do you need to cut down a tree on your property? If you’re still unsure, contact GM 2 Tree Services, LLC. at (203) 527-6237 to get an expert opinion. We have a team of certified arborists who can help you make the right decision.

We also encourage you to learn more about pruning and trimming with this handy guide. Proper tree maintenance can help keep your trees lush, shapely, and less prone to issues in the long run.