How Do I Know if Someone Pruned a Tree Too Much?

Tree pruning is one of the best ways to remove diseased or dead branches and ensure your plants are healthy and strong. If you have more mature trees on your lawn, chances are you prune them regularly to achieve these goals. 

However, tree pruning is only effective when done on time and with care. If you over-prune your trees, you can’t expect them to grow healthy and strong.

So, how can you tell if you pruned a tree too much? What problems might you face if you over-prune them? 

Below, the tree service experts in Southington from GM 2 Tree Services, LLC share a few evident signs that your trees are over-pruned and need proper maintenance. 

How to Tell If You Pruned a Tree Too Much 

If you notice any of the following signs, it means you or the arborists you’ve hired pruned the tree too much. 

Misshapen Trees and Tree Branches 

Misshapen trees and branches grow in the wrong way or the wrong direction. One of the most common pruning mistakes is not removing the diseased branches but the healthy ones. Unfortunately, the result of misshapen trees or limbs can cause severe property damage due to the uneven weight. 

Deadwood Increase

If you notice an increase in the deadwood or branches with long internodes, it means someone pruned the tree too much. Dead tree limbs will weaken over time as the tree rots and deteriorates, resulting in diseases or infection. If you don’t do something, you might have to remove the tree to prevent the infection from spreading. 

New Branches Aren’t Growing 

If you don’t notice new branches growing during the spring, it means you’ve cut more than you should. Unfortunately, unprofessional arborists usually can’t tell the difference between healthy and diseased branches, so it is essential to pay attention to who you hire to help with your tree maintenance. Working with professional and ISA-certified arborists in Southington is the best way to ensure your trees receive proper care. 

Severe Leaf Loss

Another sign that you’ve pruned the tree too much is a sudden tree thinning or severe leaf loss. You will notice that your tree isn’t growing normally or in step with other trees. Instead of removing more lateral branches or cutting healthy branches to prevent leaf loss, consult with professional arborists about proper treatment. 

How to Fix Over-Pruning 

Fixing over-pruning depends on the damage and the type of tree. Unfortunately, the damage isn’t solvable in some situations. However, in others, the arborist can provide proper fertilization and nutritional formula to stimulate plant growth. 

Wound dressing is also an efficient method to solve the effects of over-pruning, but it isn’t suitable for every tree type. When it is, the wound dressing can prevent the penetration of pests and insects and avoid possible infection. 

In some cases, time is the best cure for over-pruning, so if you or someone else does the pruning, make sure to proceed with care and precision. 

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