Why Hire a Tree Service Company With a Google Guaranteed Badge?

It’s no secret that there is an abundance of tree service companies in Connecticut, but with all the choices available, how are you supposed to find the right one?

The most reliable way to separate Southington’s trusted tree services from the bad ones is to look for a Google Guaranteed Badge. Here, we’ll look at what that badge is and why it makes a difference.

What is The Google Guaranteed Badge?

If you’ve seen a business profile with a green checkmark and badge next to its name, then you’ve seen the Google Guaranteed Badge in action.

Businesses apply for this badge to inform potential customers that their services are valid and Google recommended. Of course, it doesn’t necessarily mean that a business is the best company in your area. However, it does mean that Google thoroughly investigated them and deemed them a trusted provider.

You’ll see Google Guaranteed Badges on local ads and Google My Business pages.

Why You Can Trust a Company With The Google Guarantee

Tree service companies tout their experience and certifications constantly, so why does the Google Guaranteed Badge stand out? Unlike empty claims that anyone can make, the Google recommendation shows verifiable excellence and trustworthiness in the following ways:

In-Depth Background Checks

Google performs extensive background checks on a company, its manager, and employees before awarding a Google Guaranteed Badge. As a result, Google’s verification process often takes weeks, sometimes months, to ensure they’re recommending a company that’s qualified to deliver excellent service.

Verified Licenses and Certifications

Google checks companies’ licenses and certifications during background checks and only awards the Google Guaranteed Badge to businesses with appropriate permits. 

A tree service company without the necessary certificates might hide that information. However, if you only trust businesses that have passed the Google background check, you’ll know you’re working with a qualified team.

Proper licenses and certifications show that a company and its employees have undergone extensive training and have baseline competency for their service.

Easy Reimbursement Claims

Google only recommends companies with impressive certifications and a track record for excellent service. However, that doesn’t mean every business they approve is always perfect.

Tree trimming and removal are dangerous, and even professionals can make mistakes that damage your property. While there’s no guarantee that companies without a Google Guaranteed Badge will reimburse you for that damage, Google allows dissatisfied customers to file refund claims.

After a refund claim, Google will investigate the damage and issue a full refund or damages up to $2,000 if they deem the accident to be the tree service’s fault.

Why Companies Apply For The Google Guaranteed Badge (and What it Means For You)

Other than displaying their trustworthiness, companies apply for the Google Guaranteed Badge to boost their internet visibility. Google places companies with the badge higher on search engine results, meaning they’re among the first people see when making a related inquiry.

However, the Google Guaranteed Badge isn’t a surefire way to keep people seeing a business page. To stay on top of search engine rankings and maintain their badge, companies must respond to customer inquiries quickly and maintain a regular flow of positive customer reviews. Therefore, if you see a tree service company at the top of your Google results, you know they’re responsive and trusted by the community. 

Professional Tree Care and Removal From GM 2 Tree Services, LLC

GM 2 Tree Services LLC is your area’s most-trusted tree removal team. We earned our Google Guaranteed Badge with our stellar certifications, service, and response times, and we’re ready to prove our reputation to you today.

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