Choosing the Right Tree Care Company: 5 Tips

Whether you have a dying tree or need to deal with broken tree limbs after a storm, choosing a tree care company requires more homework than a simple online search. Sometimes scam artists take advantage of the tree care industry, or a low-priced company may have many unhappy customers. Learn how to choose the right tree care company with these five tips from Southington’s tree service professionals.

1. Know What Tree Care You Need

Before calling a tree care company, walk through your yard and inspect other trees. Do any of them seem diseased, dead, or injured? What problems can you take care of during a single appointment? 

In many cases, you may only need to address a particular tree, but tree care companies may press you to deal with others on your property. Understanding what you need done now helps you say no to pushy salespeople.

2. Ask for Referrals

Your family, friends, and neighbors may have dealt with tree companies in the past. These connections can help you figure out which companies to avoid and which ones provide the best service. Ask about everything from how quickly the company completed the job to the friendliness of the workers.

3. Consult the Internet

The internet offers tons of information on local businesses. Research online reviews, social media, and complaint forums to see which tree companies have happy customers. You can also discover how the tree company handles complaints by checking out owner responses to negative reviews or complaints.

4. Investigate Insurance, Licensing, and Credentials

Tree care companies must have the necessary licenses and insurance to legally run their business. Ask to see the credentials directly; legitimate tree companies won’t have a problem with you taking a look. Also, check that the company has an ISA (International Society of Arboriculture) certified arborist on staff to help you make informed decisions regarding your tree work.

5. Compare Quotes

The final step in choosing a tree care company comes down to the quotes. You should ask for quotes from several tree care companies, allowing you to go over which ones seem most reasonable for your particular job. Companies pricing themselves too low may not have much experience, while businesses with ridiculously high prices may care more about the money than doing a good job.

Compare the services offered for the price on each quote. Some businesses may sneak additional costs onto their quote that you didn’t request, while others may leave out significant portions of the work. Choose your tree company by ensuring that they meet all other qualifications while providing a reasonable quote to complete your job.

6. Only Pay When the Job Ends

After hiring a tree care company, hold onto payment until you feel completely satisfied with the work performed. Some companies may request partial or full up-front payment, then never return to your work site again. Only pay them once you know they’ve completed the job.

How to Avoid Illegitimate Tree Care Companies

After a storm, hurricane, or other natural disaster, invalid tree care companies sprout up out of nowhere. Many of them have no intent of providing you with full service, showing up at your door with a chainsaw and a price. Save money, time, and frustration by refusing these scam artists and considering only qualified tree care companies.

Top-Rated Tree Care Services in Bristol, CT, with GM2 Tree Service

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