3 Tall Narrow Trees To Plant in Your Yard

This list of tall narrow trees from Bristol’s tree care company shows that anyone can have a tree or more on their property. Not everyone has room for sprawling trees in their yard, but that shouldn’t deter a homeowner from planting trees for privacy, beauty, and the environment.

The professionals at GM 2 Tree Services, LLC provide three tree species that fit into compact spaces, ideal for suburban or city gardeners. If you fall short on space but want the benefits and beauty that a tree can bring to your home, continue reading to see which trees work for you and your limited area.

Skinny Trees: What To Look For

This amount of space dictates which type of skinny tree you can have on your property, but you can choose from several options. When searching for the perfect tree, consider the following:

  • What size will this tree be at 30 years? A tree typically reaches its maximum size at this age, and knowing ahead of time can prevent many issues.
  • Does my yard have enough sunlight for a full-sun tree? A tree is the healthiest and most beautiful when provided with every aspect of care it requires.
  • Do I need this tree for privacy, attraction, fruit, or something else? Knowing what you want from a tree helps you find the ideal species for you.

Regardless of what you want from a tree, consider the many options you can choose from. Keep reading for possible tree species options for your tight spaces!

Trees for Narrow Spaces

All these tall narrow trees can help your yard stand out and look its best year-round. If you need a tree for your narrow spaces, you will surely find the perfect match below.

1: Crimson Pointe Flowering Plum

For beautiful trees, the Crimson Pointe flowering plum is sure to deliver. This tree works perfectly for homeowners in zones four to nine with full sun. Since it only grows five to six feet wide, it’ll leave plenty of room in your yard.

The Crimson Pointe flowering plum offers light pink, scented flowers in spring before growing its dark purple foliage. If you want to add a lovely variation in color to your property, choose this tree.

2: Forever Goldy Arborvitae

The Forever Goldy arborvitae has bright, yellowish-green foliage with a golden tinge during the colder months. With a maximum width of three to four feet, ideal for zones three to eight, these beautiful trees give your property a pop of color. They do not shed, making cleanup easy and adding color throughout the seasons.

They require full sun, but due to their small stature, the Forever Goldy works well even in the smallest properties.

3: Tsukasa Silhouette Japanese Maple

Do you love the look of a Japanese maple but don’t have the space? Then the Tsukasa Silhouette Japanese maple is perfect for you! Suited for zones five to nine and requiring only partial sun, this tree provides maximum beauty in a narrow form.

Similar to the traditional Japanese maple, this tree provides brilliant red color during the fall and a lovely changing green throughout spring and summer.

Contact the Tree Experts at GM 2 Tree Services

This selection of tree species shows that you have endless possibilities for your small property. If you want a tree, go for it! You now know you have a variety of skinny or narrow trees to choose from, and many beloved trees have a smaller version available.

If you need help choosing a tree care company, our team has you covered. Contact GM 2 Tree Services, LLC at (203) 527-6237 and request a consultation in Bristol, CT, for your tall narrow trees today!