Four Native Connecticut Trees to Plant on Your Property

Connecticut is home to numerous species of trees that will take your property’s appearance to new heights. However, many Bristol, CT, residents don’t know which native Connecticut trees work best for residential lawns. That’s why GM2 Tree Service put together some of the best native Connecticut trees to grow on your property.

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Four Best Native Connecticut Trees for Residential Properties

Adding a few trees to your property is a fantastic way to increase its curbside appeal. Since native trees are accustomed to Connecticut’s mild climate, you can ensure they will maintain their appearance and stay healthy for decades to come. Below are some of the best native Connecticut trees to grow on your residential property.

White Oak

The white oak tree is Connecticut’s state tree and one of the most common in the region. Also called charter oaks, white oak trees are incredibly hardy and reach up to 80 feet tall when fully developed. 

What sets these trees apart from other oak trees is their peculiar leaf formation. Their green leaves converge at one point and don’t feature lobes, making them incredibly unique. They also feature furrowed, white bark and silky top leaves that help them stand out without taking away from your home’s best features.

Red Maple

Red maple trees are also incredibly common in Connecticut, especially in moist soils near rivers, streams, and other damp environments. They grow up to 115 feet tall and feature beautiful yellow and red leaves that emit a pleasant, vanilla-like odor when crushed. However, their aroma often attracts deer that feast on their leaves during the winter.

Although red maple trees might attract a few deer, they are gorgeous trees that will do wonders for your home’s appearance.

Black Cherry

Black cherry trees are unique trees featuring red fruit and enchanting white flowers. They have gray, fuzzy bark with distinct horizontal lines that become more prominent over time. 

Black cherry trees also have medical benefits that help people recover from various illnesses. Many people use black cherry flowers to make tea or syrup that helps reduce fever and sweating, making them exceedingly beneficial. Their captivating colors and unique charm make them a favorite among many Connecticut gardeners and tree lovers.

Eastern Redbud

Eastern redbuds are another beautiful native Connecticut tree type with dramatic purple foliage and yellow flowers. They are relatively large shrubs that often grow over 35 feet tall, making them ideal for residential yards and gardens. Their twigs feature small silver hairs that push their allure even further.

Eastern redbuds are very frost-resistant and can withstand below-freezing temperatures (around -20 degrees) without issue. They grow in various soil types and make wonderful additions to any Connecticut property.

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