How to Care for a Tree: Best Practices

Trees add life and beauty to our properties. To get the most out of your trees, you should give them extra loving care, or else you’ll lose them to disease, pests, and premature death!

In this post, we’ll discuss how to care for a tree and ensure it stays healthy and beautiful for years, as advised by trusted tree service experts in Bristol. Keep reading for more information. 

how to care for a tree

Plant the Right Tree in the Correct Location

The first step to ensuring your tree grows healthy and beautiful is to choose one that’s appropriate for your location.

You’ll need to find a spot where the tree will get sufficient sunlight and have enough room for its fully-grown canopy. Before planting, ensure the location isn’t too close to your house, underground utility lines, and power lines. You don’t want to start thinking about removing the tree after a few years. Also, remember not to plant the tree too deep!

Prune Your Tree Regularly

Tree pruning is essential to ensure healthy and safe growth. Removing diseased or dead branches, and any that are growing in undesired directions, will help keep your tree in good shape. You should do this in late winter or early spring before the start of new growth. 

Water Your Tree Properly 

Ask any experienced arborist about how to care for a tree, and they won’t fail to mention watering. If you have mature trees, it pays to give them an inch of water every week. This is especially necessary if it hasn’t rained for a couple of weeks. 

For new trees, be sure to give them four to 10 gallons of water a week in the first growing season or two. 

Fertilization Is Paramount!

Your tree needs nutrients to grow and flourish. If your area has poor soil, fertilizing your tree regularly is critical. You’ve got two primary options: homemade compost or commercial fertilizer.

If you go for the latter, make sure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions. The last thing you want is to damage your tree with excess fertilizer! 

Mulch Your Tree

Mulching helps to protect your tree roots against extreme temperatures, moisture loss, and lawn mower cuts. So, why not remove the weeds around your tree and spread two to four inches of mulch? But be sure not to cover the base of the trunk. 

Pest Protection Is Essential

Have you noticed any pests on your trees lately? Pests can cause untold damage to your trees. It pays to protect your trees against them.

Tackling them yourself may worsen the situation. It’s best to call an ISA-Certified Arborist for assistance. 

Be on the Look Out for Diseases

If you don’t address diseases early enough, they can spread fast and kill your tree. You can avoid this by monitoring your tree for any signs of disease. Don’t hesitate to contact a qualified arborist if you notice anything amiss. 

Schedule an Annual Checkup!

It pays to book annual checkups for your tree. Detecting signs of diseases or pests early makes a difference. During checkups, arborists look for warning signs like cankers, discolored leaves, and holes. They’ll then recommend the best course of action to ensure your tree stays healthy. 

Contact Your Local Tree Experts for Assistance

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