How To Remove Big Tree Roots From the Ground

Roots are integral to the life of a tree, but sometimes they can be a nuisance, and removing them is your only solution. Tree roots can be an eyesore on your property or become a safety hazard when they invade your foundation or damage underground pipes. 

Let’s explore how to remove big tree roots from the ground with help by a leading provider of expert tree services in Bristol

how to remove big tree roots from the ground

Identifying Root Problems

Understanding the problem you’re dealing with is the first step to removing tree roots. You need to find out where the tree root system begins and ends. 

Choose the Best Root Removal Method

You can hardly talk about how to remove big tree roots from the ground without mentioning various root removal techniques. You’ve got three primary options to remove tree roots left after cutting a tree down.

1. Physically Remove Tree Roots by Yourself

You can remove a tree root on your own by either digging out the stump or using a stump grinder. This will depend on the size of the roots. It often works best for small tree roots. 

For this project, you’ll need a spade, grub hoe, and loppers. You might also need a root saw to dig the roots out. 

If it proves difficult to dig the tree roots out, consider using a stump grinder. Grinding the stump can be challenging, but it allows you to eliminate unwanted roots quickly and effectively. 

2. Treat the Roots With Chemicals

If physically removing roots proves too difficult, you can try using chemicals. These chemical treatments may include lime sulfur and copper sulfate. They can neutralize any bacteria that might have entered your soil. 

You shouldn’t apply the chemicals directly on top of the tree. They first need to penetrate the soil before getting to the roots. Applying them using an irrigation system designed for this purpose will deliver the best results. 

3. Hiring a Professional to Remove Big Tree Roots

Maybe you dread the hassle of digging out or grinding the stump yourself, and you aren’t ready to wait for months for the root to disappear on its own. In situations like this, you’re better off hiring a qualified tree service to remove unwanted roots from your yard.

Also, the stump grinders available for rent at home improvement stores are often not powerful enough for larger roots. Reputable tree service professionals usually have the skills and tools to safely and effectively remove any tree stump, no matter the size. 

In many cases, if you hire a professional to remove a tree from your property, then you can use the same company to remove the stump as well. 

Removing Roots Inside Plumbing Pipes

Do you have roots growing into your pipes? You can easily remove roots inside plumbing pipes using rock salt. However, you must be careful not to cause any costly damage to your tree. 

When flushing, pour half a pound of salt into your toilet. Ensure no one uses the toilet for up to 12 hours. The rock salt will kill the tree roots. 

You should repeat this procedure every month for ongoing maintenance. 

Contact Your Local Tree Experts for Assistance

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