What To Do With Tree Stumps in Your Bristol, CT Property

After tree removal, people must think about what to do with tree stumps. The options for tree stump removal and tree stump disposal abound, but are there alternative ways of handling tree stumps?

Stump grinding and tree root removal may seem like practical tree stump management options, and they are, but why not repurpose it for a new lease on life? As one of Bristol’s trusted tree services, GM 2 Tree Services explores a few creative uses for tree stumps below.

what to do with tree stumps

Get Cute

If you’re dealing with a tree stump after removal, why not put its whimsical qualities to good use?

Gnome Home   

An adorable gnome home will surely add a hint of mystique to your outdoor space. This project will work well with larger stumps (four feet tall). 

Consider cutting the trunk to resemble a pitched roof. Then, add fun little details to complete your gnome home so that any passerby gnomes should feel welcome, including 

  • Carved doors
  • Twinkling lights
  • Painted or stained-glass windows
  • A little garden filled with colorful flowers

Sundial Mount   

Do you lose track of time sitting or working in the garden? Adapting a tree stump in a sunny and open area into a sundial could prove useful. 

You can keep track of the hours that way. However, ensure you have a perfectly flat (horizontal) stump top for the most accurate readings.   

Get Practical

Stumps are quite stable, so consider using it as a piece of furniture as follows:

Outdoor Table   

As you consider what to do with tree stumps on your property, it’s not hard to see how they make solid table stands. If you have a tree stump in an ideal outdoor entertainment spot, you can easily convert it into a functional piece of furniture.  

Flatten the surface of the stump, add a unique tabletop, and voila—a perfect open-air dining table! Tabletop materials can range from rustic metal and glass to salvaged wood or concrete.  

Chair or Big Bench  

A big tree stump can work well as a makeshift chair or bench. 

First, cut the trunk to a suitable height. Then, using a power saw, sculpt the interior to form the seat, back, and sides. You can even add a few decorative elements to give the new seat a touch of personality.

Get Mother Nature Involved

If you’re wanting to incorporate the stump back into its beautiful natural surroundings, give it back to the yard’s inhabitants.

Mini Spa (For Birds)

A sturdy, flat-topped stump in a shady spot makes the ideal pedestal for a water retreat. An old birdbath basin would work perfectly, but just about any bowl, dish, or container that can withstand the elements will suit this DIY project.  

Once the birds discover it, you can sit back, relax, and watch them enjoy the fruits of your labor.  

Stump Garden   

Did you know that abandoned stumps make amazing flower beds? Carve out the center, add soil, and start planting. 

Make the hollowed-out section deep and wide enough to accommodate the plants’ roots comfortably. Also, leave a few inches around the edge and drill holes in the side for drainage.  

Trust Your Local Tree Experts

So, you know what to do with tree stumps. Now, all you need to do is hire competent tree professionals for your tree care and removal needs. 

GM 2 Tree Services has the tree care solutions you need, including:   

  • Tree trimming and pruning   
  • Tree removal   
  • Stump grinding and root removal   
  • 24-hour storm damage tree services

Whether you have a sick tree, stumps to grind, or a team to remove big tree roots from the ground, call GM 2 Tree Services at (203) 527-6237 to request a free estimate! We offer tree services in Bristol, Connecticut, and nearby.