Will Rocks Around a Tree Kill It in Bristol, CT?

If you’ve only recently begun your tree-planting journey, you likely have questions about beautifying the tree once you plant it. While trees are beautiful independently, some homeowners enjoy placing gravel or rocks around their trees, shrubbery, and other plants. If you’re wondering, “Will rocks around a tree kill it?” then allow GM 2 Tree Services LLC, a team providing expert tree services in Bristol, to explain everything you need to know about permeable vs. impermeable materials for trees, and how choosing the right options can impact tree health.

will rocks around a tree kill it

Will Rocks Around a Tree Kill It?

Sometimes homeowners want to use rocks to embellish a tree or make the entire specimen stand out in contrast to the greenery. While this is a noble effort for aesthetics, landscape rocks and tree root health don’t go hand in hand. It’s important to keep the surface of dirt surrounding your newly planted tree uncovered and unbothered.

Placing rocks around your tree will kill it if you place too many there. Rocks can superheat the area, preventing moisture from permeating as deeply into the soil. This can not only cause the surface temperature near the roots to get too hot at times but can also dehydrate the tree while preventing actual sunlight from reaching the surrounding ground.

Mulch vs. Rocks for Tree Care

Will rocks around a tree kill it? If you must place something around your tree, consider either soil or mulch. Unlike rocks and gravel, mulch is great at letting water and sunlight through, giving you the ability to place rocks on top of the mulch, as long as you do so sparingly. Tree root aeration and rock placement are important to balance properly, because the ideal tree planting conditions and materials require the preservation of the roots.

Mulch can be beneficial to your tree in some of the following ways:

  • Moisture retention: Just like the soil in the ground, mulch helps retain water so that the roots can absorb it.
  • Heat retention: During cold months, mulch, unlike rocks, is great at keeping heat in the ground.
  • Aesthetic appeal: Mulch can be colorful and vibrant, giving you plenty of options for customizing the base of your tree area.
  • Weed prevention: Because mulch isn’t soil, having a generous amount can help you prevent an overgrowth of weeds.

Learn More With GM 2 Tree Services

When planting your tree, prioritize root health above all else so that roots can thrive and the tree can grow healthily. Preventing tree suffocation with rocks can be simple, provided you work with care.

Now that you know all about the answer to the question, “Will rocks around a tree kill it?” why not get the rest of your questions answered with GM 2 Tree Services LLC? Other questions like, “Will tree removal increase my property value?” and, “Will pruning my tree too much kill it?” always come up with new tree owners, which is why we’re here to help. To reach out and consult our services, call us at (860) 940-5783.